19 Jun 2012

Useful Atlanta Basement Finishing Ideas You Can Take Advantage Of

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Maybe you have been contemplating on getting Atlanta basement finishing companies to remodel for you? It’s definitely a whole lot of extra space that could be turned into something more functional other than storage.

Basements all over Georgia have been successfully transformed over the years by our very skilled team of contractors. It’s critical to work with licensed professionals, if you want the job done right. Some home owners choose to have basements converted into dens, living areas, party rooms and even a private Jacuzzi spot.

The possibilities are truly endless! There are so many contemporary ideas that could fit your mood, taste or goals when it comes to remodeling your basement. We are masters of the trade, and we never stop coming up with tasteful creations that capture the client’s imagination.

Your basement is a blank canvas, so if you plan on finishing the room, then why not get creative professionals to do it for you?

Things to Consider When Finishing your Atlanta Basement

Give some thought to the possibility of selling your home. If you develop your basement, you will definitely have a higher resell value. The more living space you have, then the better it will be for you and the buyer. With the endless opportunities we could come up with for your basement remodeling

While you think about them, consider the following:

Floor aspect

There are many types of floor finishes that you may want your basement to have. There’s carpet, tiles, laminate and hardwood. This depends on how you intend to use the area when it’s finished.


This is a must because most basements have no natural lighting. It is practically underneath your house so you have to ask your contractors to provide lighting that’s appropriate for the room’s purpose and position. If you want permanent or temporary lighting, ask your electrician to make the necessary installations.

Wall aspect

The walls of your basement should not sweat out or be cluttered by dirt all the time. These should be treated well and coated with waterproofing solution or paint. Ask for your contractor’s opinion and help if you want partitions to be made.

Think about the finished basement. What should it be by the time the contractors finish? Homeowners usually want their basements turned into home offices, play rooms, suites, home theaters, guest rooms, homework rooms, computer rooms, game rooms, neat storage units, hobby rooms and workshops.

Steps to Take in Order to Finish the Project

If you live in Georgia, then Atlanta basement finishing can both be a challenge and a gift to you and to your family. The challenge comes in deciding what room the basement is going to be and what company is going to handle the construction according to your wishes. It will definitely be a gift to have a space that’s meant for family bonding or perhaps a place to accomplish some business.

Here are some steps that you could follow if you have already made the decision to move forward with remodeling.

Technical aspect

You should make sure that you attend to the following technical aspects of the basement:

1. Radon, and other harmful gases should be checked

2. Leaks and cracks should be sealed

3. Dampness should be attended to

4. Sealants should be applied to the buildings material that’s going to be used in finishing the project.

Proper Design

You should make a clear floor plan, and it should have the following:

1. Window location (if any)

2. Exterior door location

3. Access points from your main door

4. Location of your circuit breaker and valves (place them in areas where they can be easily accessed)

5. Location of access pipes for plumbing

6. Location of the appliances you want to place there

7. Beam location

8. Locations of the ducts for ceiling installation

Start the Work

1. You should install laundry, bathroom or kitchen areas near your plumbing

2. Make up your mind if you would want a private stairway for the new basement room

3. Conceal the beams as part of the room in the most creative way

4. Never use window spaces for storage because of the limited area

5. Decide if the walls will be soundproofed or insulated

Remember that finishing or renovating your home should start with safety and practicality in mind. Once the remodeling is done by our highly-trained and licensed professionals, your basement will be the most amazing area of your home!

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