07 Sep 2010

Atlanta Remodeling Ideas For Every Room In Your Home!

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Want to make your home comfortable as well as practical?  These Atlanta Home Remodeling Ideas are perfect for homes located in and around the greater metro area and give you some great sparks of creativity when it comes to planning your own home remodeling project.

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is – what do you want out of these remodeling ideas?  What rooms are you considering renovating?  It could be that the kids have moved out of the house and you’ve suddenly got all this extra space, or the basement or attic is simply cluttered with lots of boxes, sports or gym equipment or old clothes and it’s time to turn it into something useful.  Or you may just want a room to relax and enjoy your favorite hobby!  No matter what your interest, these ideas will give you plenty of ways to consider the home remodeling project that’s perfect for your needs.

Attic And Basement – Taking Up Too Much Space?

A hot commodity for many home owners, and often the thing that clenches the sale and increases the home’s value is the creative ways in which both the attic and basement can be used.  For attics, a play loft for the kids is a great way to encourage their imaginations while keeping their toys all in one space.  You could also turn your attic into an art gallery for your creative hobbies or a photography studio or darkroom if you can’t keep your hands off your camera.  Some people reach for the stars and turn their attic into a “stellar room” complete with stargazing equipment and large, open windows and skylights to make it easy to view the stars and planets.

The basement can be used as a recreational room, an exercise room or a playroom for the kids. If you’re short on space, a basement can also be renovated into a nursery.  With so many unique Atlanta home remodeling ideas, the only dilemma you’ll face soon is which of these great concepts to choose from!

Extra Rooms In An Empty Nest

If the kids have moved out and you’ve got some spare rooms to work with, now’s the time to pamper yourself and let your creativity shine.  Unused bedrooms can be turned into an extra bathroom or powder room (for the ladies) or you can indulge your sensual side by creating a spa or a mud room.  Consider turning a room into a home office, a music room or even a complete home theater.  Many people who have large, unused rooms convert them to sun rooms and fill them with beautiful, fragrant flowers and blooms that help put them in touch with nature.

The bottom line is this – there are plenty of great Atlanta home remodeling ideas – if you just know where to look!  Ask your contractor or home interior decorator if they have any specific ideas on ways that you can improve your home and remodel it to suit your needs and interests.  Don’t forget to check out southern style home décor magazines, TV shows, and the internet for fantastic inspiration that’s always just a click or a page away!

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