19 Sep 2010

Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling

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Give Your Bathroom A Beautiful, Modern New Look

The right Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling team can do more than just install a new toilet or sink, or replace a few warped flooring tiles.  Hiring a competent, experienced contractor for your Atlanta bathroom renovation is a smart choice toward keeping your costs on budget while keeping your project done on time. A skilled contractor will also make your bathroom a retreat you’ll look forward to visiting instead of a stale, bland design that reeks of being old fashioned.

Fortunately, hiring the right team for your bathroom makeover can include a lot of the things you’d typically have to subcontract out to several people.  And having lots of people in your bathroom and in your home in general can be expensive and stressful!  Here are just a few of the many ways our Atlanta bathroom remodeling service can keep your costs down while making sure your bathroom really is the most popular room in the house!

On A Tight Budget? Consider A Bathroom Surface Remodel

A bathroom surface remodel involves more affordable choices for your bathroom such as painting the walls, installing a pre-fabricated shower over your existing tub, putting down moisture-resistant vinyl floors.  A surface remodel doesn’t typically involve things like moving plumbing or electrical fixtures (switching your toilet and sink, for example) but it’s a good way to get and easy and quick bathroom remodel that fits your needs.  Surface remodels also don’t make any drastic changes to the layout and structure of your bathroom – such as ripping out plumbing or tearing down walls.

Repair? Refinish Or Replace?

Our experienced Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling team can help you repair plumbing or electrical problems, refinish your bathroom with a beautiful new layout or replace that leaky shower, sink or toilet.  Instead of subcontracting the work out to different plumbers, electricians, painters and installers, you can count on one expert renovation crew to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.  Whether you want a new tile floor, or your need to go the whole nine yards and completely renovate your bathroom, you can expect prompt, courteous and efficient service from installation to completion.

Bathroom Renovations – Working Below The Surface

Keep in mind that when choosing a contractor to help remodel your bathroom, the work involved is about much more than what you see on the surface.  There may be moisture below the drywall or the old flooring may be warped or the tub discolored and hidden mold buildup may be an issue. Fortunately, even major bathroom renovation problems can be handled by our comprehensive Atlanta bathroom remodeling service from start to finish.  We can also help install a sink, toilet or shower or switch places with them so that you get a captivating new look in your bathroom that your guests will swear you paid a fortune for!  The only thing you’ll have to do when all the work is done is sit back – with a good book and enjoy the clean, pristine look of your new bathroom.

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