31 Aug 2010

Atlanta Basement Remodeling

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Remodeling Ideas For Today’s Atlanta Homeowner

In this day and age, your basement is about more than just a storage place for Christmas decorations or old clothes that don’t fit anymore.  It’s about creating extra space in your home that’s practical, functional and fun!   Whether you have a completely unfinished basement or you want to turn your basement into something new and exciting, our expert Atlanta Basement Remodeling company can work with you to make your basement the hot spot of your home!

One of the first things to consider as part of your basement renovation project is making sure there are no structural or weather issues to contend with.  Even if you’re not planning on moving, having a leaky basement drastically decreases the value of your home.  New floors and electrical systems installed in your basement can dramatically improve leakage and mold issues, while giving you the freedom to turn your basement into something extraordinary and welcoming.

The Importance Of Waterproofing And Flooring

Mold, mildew and even rusty appliances are one of the first signs that your basement may have a moisture issue.  If there’s a strange odor or white substance on your walls, it could be due to moisture settling in areas that aren’t immediately noticeable.  Fortunately, our Atlanta basement remodeling team can help in waterproofing your basement, as well as alert you to any structural issues that may need your prompt attention.

When putting down new floors, resist the urge to put down plush carpet and instead choose something thicker with more moisture resistance.  Likewise, be sure to get the right kind of padding if you choose laminate floors.  Carpet pads used on laminate floors are too soft and can make your floor difficult to walk on.  Since concrete draws and locks in moisture (several gallons each day if you live in a humid environment or by a water source like a lake or the ocean!), it can cause cracks that allow mold and fungus to grow behind and between your basement walls.  In cases like these, installing an extra heating system, such as an electric floor heating system, can immediately draw out the extra moisture and dry out the basement considerably to prevent the growth and spread of mold, mildew and other nasty spores.

Simple Basement Design Ideas Spark New Creativity

Unique weaved rugs, couch slipcovers with coordinated pillows and a fresh coat of paint along with some new pictures can do wonders for a drab, uninspiring and stale basement.   Because every Atlanta basement remodeling project is different, we welcome you to consult with us on fresh, vibrant and beautiful ideas for remodeling your basement.  From waterproofing to installing a new heating system to modern updates and additions like new floors or waterproof wall structures that make your basement easier to clean and manage.   Whether your basement (or your budget) is large or small, you can count on the experience of our professional renovation team to ensure that your basement is just the way you envisioned!

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