09 Oct 2012

Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Improve the Look of Your Household

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As you look at your bathroom, the thought of Atlanta bathroom remodeling suddenly came to mind. It has been fifteen years since you’ve updated your bathroom and the only thing you did then was add a picture frame and some scented candles. You have to have the vanities and fixtures come alive and give some type of life to your bathroom. Maybe the design should incorporate pictures or even more contemporary themes that you could come up with.

Your bathroom is set in a home that’s in the south. In the south, beauty and functionality have to merge. The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house where you could relax in your tub or sing in your shower. Your bathroom should also reflect the love that you have for your home. For many people, when the bathroom is clean, functional and easy on the eyes it reflects on how much the homeowners are dedicated to caring for their home as their lifetime investment.

Coveted Tips in Atlanta Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your Atlanta bathroom can be very tedious because you have to consider so many things such as the pipelines, water source, spaces, accessories and fixtures. The bathroom is seen as a special room in the house where the homeowners could just unwind in the tub—much like a personal spa.

The following are some tips for a fulfilling remodeling project for your bathroom:

More money should not mean more spending

This doesn’t mean that you have to accumulate large amounts to acquire luxurious items. You just have to use the old pipelines when you install the new tubs and toilets. If you want to save tons for the remodeling, you have to use the old water lines. Installing new ones will be much more expensive. Unless you’re financially fit for that kind of work, stick to the lines you have now so that you could have extra to splurge on some affordable décor.

The Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi adds an air of luxury and romance into the bathroom. There’s no point in having a Jacuzzi if you’re alone in it so make sure to build it to hold at least two people. Get a licensed contractor and ask him to find that perfect Jacuzzi that will fit the bathroom area.

Installation of a double sink

Having two sinks in your bathroom will be very convenient for the couples in the house, especially when they both have to be up and about at the same time. You can do all your morning or evening rituals together without arguing for space.

Add mirrors

If you add several mirrors in the bathroom, you won’t have to struggle fixing your hair or adding makeup in the morning. Mirrors also give the illusion of a larger space.


Install heated racks (for towels) and heated floors in your bathroom so that you can keep warm during times when it is extremely cold. This installation has to be done by a licensed contractor.

The bidet

The bidet is a refreshing addition to your toilet. You will feel great using it.

Realizing the Dream

Once you’ve decided to transform your bathroom into something that will make you stay in it more frequently, you have to acquire the help of the professionals in installing important elements. It’s okay if you want to do some things on your own but remember that there are certain things that must be done by professionals.

You wouldn’t want to stay in the Jacuzzi without jetting water, would you?

Or have a hot shower without the hot water, right?

It should provide the relaxation and the functionality that you want. You could only achieve your perfect bathroom if you enlist the help of some experienced contractors. Their honed skills will definitely yield great results. In no time, you will have a personal spa or a private getaway after work within your own home.

Before you make your move in remodeling your bathroom, make sure that you have the budget, the idea, and the time to deal with everything. It would be more advantageous if you oversee the remodeling. This is not only to save money but to get the assurance that everything will be flawless in your Atlanta bathroom remodeling.

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